Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our XBox Died

Our XBOX died.
And its not even really ours.
Its my brother's & he left it at our house while he is deployed, because our DVD player was having issues. I'm not sure if it is with in the 3 year warranty period, but I CAN say he won't have the original receipt. I priced it at Sam's Club today, and just like I expected its gonna be $200 to replace it.
My thought is that a wii would be better for my family- more young games, plus the FIT stuff that I could possibly find the time to do.... (one could hope.)
But we do have several games for the XBOX360...
What ever I decide I need a new VCR, and DVD player-- and I'm figuring my TV will die soon, as it's 9 years old & has moved cross country 3 times and around the state more times than I remember.
So, as I'm fretting over the babysitter wanting $15+ an hour (which is more than I make at my job) and not being willing or able to pay that much-- I'm trying to figure out how to replace the electronics at my house. Knock on wood the pc doesn't die- it's only 4 years old... and I don't wanna learn a new OS.

My house is still a wreck- and I need an addition to get it all organized.
I DO have some tax refund money set aside for a shopping trip to IKEA. I just need to find a sitter for the weekend & get my mom free so we can go spend the day shopping. (They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner for a reason--shoppers like us!)
B wants Bunk Beds- MC wants a loft, I need some storage furniture... and all the small things I love are in store only. Go figure. At least the Charlotte store is here & I'm not dreaming of a road trip to Atlanta any more.
I MUST get my paperwork under control- AND I have phone calls that needed to be made last week, appointments to schedule bills to pay-- and my desk/paperwork is now taking over teh living room.
Of course, I guess the bright side is that we won't be "living" in here much, with out a DVD player or game system... Although, now that I think about it, my Strawberry Shortcake DVD player is in the attic. $15 on a WM clearance... it works. So maybe I can slip in a Harry Potter movie & crochet, or pay bills.... nah, I'm thinking a movie & some yarn loving would be a nice treat.


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