Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey! Blogger FINALLY let me back in to add new post!
I could do every thing else here, but if I tried to add a new post- I'd get a crazy blank white screen.

So, this morning, I FINALLY did something right.
I put the Jelly on the bread first, THEN the peanut butter.
Why does this make a difference, you ask?
Well, here is how it works if you do the PB first:
1) Get out bread
2) Spread PB with a knife
3) but knife in soapy water to soak of excess PB
4) spread jelly with spoon
5) close sandwich
6) cut sandwich with...spoon? nope, gotta use a new knife.

See? IF I put the jelly on first, then the pb, I'm most likely gonna hang onto it to cut the sandwich, before putting the knife into soapy water.
YEA! Success!