Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slow Week

Ha! I was so busy I didn't get a chance to slow down & create jewelry!
I did retake some photos and I listed one of my washcloths.

Washcloth! Wash Rag! Dish Rag! Dish Cloth!
This one is in a color called Gumdrop. Each night I sit with the kids while they take their baths, and I tried reading the new Harry Potter, but with all of the splashing and fun, I couldn't follow the story in a manner that Harry deserves. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I should pull out the yarn and make something as I referee bath-time. This week's end result is listed for sale here:

I redid the first photo for the Green Quartz necklace and it shows up much better on the tan than it did on black. See it here:

New knit sterling necklace was also added to my shop. I hope I can add a few more things throughout this coming week!

Thanks for checking out my etsy store:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

2 New items up in the ETSY store

Let Me Brag!
I really love the Golden-Bronze Pearl bracelet- I've had the smaller flat-back pearls for several years, but the matching coin pearls were bought on my recent spree at the bead show. (Mermaid's Treasures went with me-- We TOTALLY blew our budgets- but we ended up with so many incredible beads!)

The twisted aventurine necklace was designed over the winter, but I wanted to add it to ETSY to add some variety to my listings.

The humidity was lower today, so I was able to take some pictures outside. I think the bracelet picture in front of the ponytail palm turned out nice. There will be several more photos with it in the background!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blog- day 0

WHY am I doing this?

Goodness- I can't believe I'm joining the legions of Bloggers! But, I want to do a little more to promote my line of jewelry, so I'm giving this a shot! I've seen some VERY nice blogs that are interesting, informative and funny. I hope mine ends up a little like those.

Fish on the Wall Artisan Beaded Jewelry & Random Crafty Stuff
can be found on a site for all things handmade.
To find me there go to

I am a member of two Etsy street teams: JET and etsyBEAD.

JET = Jewelry on Etsy Team and out stuff can be found by searching for the tag JETT.

etsyBEAD = A street team for beaders. Find different themed items on sale each week by searching EBTW (which stands for Etsy Bead Theme Week.)

Right now, I am working on updating the member roster for JET. We have 275 members, but only a handful of active members. I am checking by each shop and inviting non-participating members to join in our fun.

JET has a weekly chat-thread and I feel like some of us are almost close friends! Although I don't know what anyone looks like (unless their picture is in their avatar!) I have imagined how many of these people look! Similar to how you develop the appearance of characters in a book, except I get to pick all of the features.
Some members are young, some retired, married, single, educated, hobbyist, professionals, mothers, and some are even male! (Like one of my favorites Wired ) JET is a wonderful mix of jewelry makers from around the world, and I am happy to be a part of it!