Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End of Spring Break

My eldest is in year-round school. She just got back home last night after spending almost 3 weeks with her grandparents (THANKS!) Tomorrow she has to make up a snow day, so back to school we go. I'm not sure I'll be able to drag her out of bed to catch that 7:05 bus... I hope I can.

I'm so happy that she is home, but really need to get her back into the routine here. And, I need to get myself back into the routine of picking up after two kids. (She went, he stayed at home & in school.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday.
I had TWO different groups call me & sing the Birthday Song.
I got Banana Pudding with a star candle!
My brother fixed an amazing dinner od pork loin & pasta & green beans & had us over for movie night. (we had to leave mid movie as it was already 8:30.)
I discovered that birthdays give us another "fresh-start" for resolutions-- so an April birthday is the perfect time to revisit New Year's Resolutions, because they've about worn off by now.

Things I want to do this year...
get life insurance
get health insurance
get a will
skate/walk/cycle more
revamp kids room storage
finish fixing back room
new yarn storage
finish some wip afghans
write letters/cards to old friends
keep up with car maintenance

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

The Pollen is OUT. I had another root canal. Winter Term of HPKCHC is over. MC is on Intersession. I've made tons of amazing projects that I need to share. B is learning to use the Knifty Knitter. (seriously.) I made the best chicken pot pie E V E R. I need a hair cut. I still hate folding laundry. I'm out of loaf bread. I need to pack clothes for a weekend in the mountains. I have a nagging feeling that I forgot to write down an appointment. The bathroom sink is sparkly clean. (I'm pretending to be using Flylady.) This weekend= big trip to Sams Club & restock the pantry shopping. (ugh- just typing that one makes me tired.) Okay. I'm off for more antibiotics & ibuprofen & bed. But that's my update. And I'm sticking to it. More later. Maybe.