Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm SO Happy!

Okay- so I 'm ecstatic over something REALLY small.
Like the size of a mini m&m. Looks like a red one too.
I'm talking about a Sutafed. I found a REAL one.
Ya know, the ones you can't buy at the market anymore.
The ones with REAL psudafedrine (or however you spell it.)
The ones that actually help stop the runny drippy faucet that used to be my nose.
And, I'm SO happy. I can't wait for it to kick in.

I have two more of these precious babies locked up in my medicine box. I'm hoping that I can find some more I've stashed up high & out of reach as I clean house today-- since I'm too icky to go to church.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poor Little Peanut

Okay- no improvement on my little peanut plant. I think it's a goner.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I think I killed the Peanut

It is slumped over and very limp. We turned on the humidifier & I think the cool breeze was too much for the little guy. So I put it into the sun, on the front deck-- thinking it would warm up & dry out a bit. No Luck. Still looking VERY SICK. I was too sad to take a picture of it to share.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have you seen the JETs Store on Etsy?

Here is a neat little shop that showcases different items from the team members.


I just popped in to check on my little blog. I'm not sure why the peanut picture is missing. I just have a tiny square on my screen-- so maybe there was a problem loading it after all. ( That is what happens when I'm up too late!) Anyway, I'll try to upload the picture again tonight.

Okay, so now it's back and I'm thoroughly confused.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another View of the Peanut.

Well, I haven’t killed it yet- I’m quite happy about that. After a double round of the stomach bug in our house- remembering to water the plants was not a top priority. But, the plants held their own- as they have had to do for thousands of years. Of course, those plants of log ago weren’t kept in a room darkened by curtains, either. Oh well. The point is that it is still alive.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

JETs Promotion

I just got promoted to be a Co-Leader for the JETs (Jewelry on Etsy Team)

I've already stepped up a bit & am working behind the scenes on the beginning stages for several team events, The St Patty's hunt & A team challenge (for May?), a few updates on team rosters, and in general boosting the enthusiasm level for the team members.

I see good things happening for the team this spring.
* Our JETTEAM store on Etsy has over 70 items listed, and we want to keep it active and upfront in the search pages. CBT is doing an awesome job making sure sellers ship items & get $ & leave feedback.
* Team stickers are in the works, with the help of TVJB & the super idea from JBT.
* The hunt in March is developing nicely , with lots of work from MorganAlexa & Cher , and from fun team chats. Lee has already come up with a bit of text to submit to the Storque. With lots of ideas are being gleamed from the February Hunt that Liz was able to pull together last minute.
* An amazing ongoing challenge topic from bdazz: PIC = Promote, Inspire, Create, where it looks like the possibility of a cross team challenge is being formulated. (Yippee!)
* We are getting a new website, being designed and hosted by Cate
* Our google group is thriving and EMO is helping me to clean out some of the old news & out-of-date updates.
* The two flickr pools have loads of pretty new items
* We have a team blog ring thanks to the initiative of Missrie
* A facebook & myspace page (although I can't figure those out!) is being maintained for the team by JBT & a few others help out.

* I know I'm forgetting loads-- but you can tell we have a lot of exciting things happening right now.