Friday, September 21, 2007

Still Un-Packing

So, unexpectedly we had the opportunity to move into a bigger, roomier house! For the past week and a half I've been packing and loading and hauling and stacking and moving and unpacking. Many thanks to my mom & sis-in-law for all of their help.

My beads are still packed, stacked in the corner of what is to be my studio! Yippie! It's been almost two years since my crafts have had a place of their own. With this move I've also be given two sewing machines ( a Brother & a treadle Singer that has been converted to motorized! ) so I will be able to do those curtains and Morsbags that I've been wanting to do for so long! They, along with the fabric are waiting for me to get the house unpacked! My computer is in there too, and it has a new (to me) computer desk waiting to be covered up (freebie again, my friends LOVE me!)

I will be posting some of "Nana's Knit Dishcloths" to the Etsy store, and more of those Christmas holiday stampers- If I can find the camera.

** Still looking for the cell phone that got boxed up by mistake =( **

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm no good at this!

I am SO bad at keeping up with this BLOG.

I had my doubts when I first started- But I've proven it. I haven't been able to Blog on a weekly basis. But, I also know that no one misses me- cause no one reads this but me.

SO-- This week I worked with a nice buyer who bought 5 pairs of my swirly earrings, and the bathtime fun washcloth. HA! I'm happy about that!

I picked out my Christmas present from my mom- From Etsy seller Beanblossom.
This great market tote made from AMAZING vintage fabric! Hand Screen Printed with the phrase "Not Plastic" I LOVE IT! I'm building a collection of totes to use at the grocery store- I'm so sick of having my milk double bagged in plastic- IT HAS A HANDLE. Really.
So, now I have 3 totes! (Well, I will after Christmas!)

I also came across this on Etsy. A VERY accurate painting of Bodie Island Lighthouse, on driftwood!! I really like the worn, smooth edges. I showed mom first & I'm having it sent to her as her Christmas Present! Yippie! (Mom & I can't ever wait & wrap things for under the tree.) It will look so wonderful upstairs on the Beach/Hatteras floor of her house! This seller has some really nice work! I can't wait to see it in person.

Soon I hope to be moving to a new apartment where I will have a room dedicated to my crafting. I am being given (!) an almost new sewing machine & an antique Singer (!!!) it has been converted to motorized (no treddles for me) and has a beautiful table/stand! Once I move into my new place, I can get these two babies going!!! I can't wait! I've started some projects- duvets and curtains for the kids room and they are ready for some stitches!!!

I will be organizing and cleaning out my crafting pantry- so more destash items will be arriving in my Etsy shop soon after the move.

Okay, That's all for tonight- I've got cakes to make in the morning!