Friday, August 24, 2007


It's not Sunday -- but I missed last week's blogging.
My goal was to do the blog thing once a week, just to mark my progress. But, here it is Friday, August 24, and my last post was on the 11th.

New Listings
I did have some inspiration last weekend and my Blue Jeans & Pearls Bracelet is the result. Crochet wire with coral cupolini and pearls, and my signature charlotte seed beads.

Also, I've listed some genuine turquoise pieces, a necklace and bracelet. I really want to invest in some good sterling silver beads to go with it, but I haven't found the right ones yet.

Display Bust vs Model
There are mixed views concerning live models wearing items in the Etsy listing photos. I have chosen to try a few select items with model photos as well as display bust photos. I have decided to use black and white shots when using the model, as to lesson the focus on the model and to use the shots as way to show drape and length.

The displays can be misleading when it comes to comparative size. I have a "mini" that I don't even use because it is just too small. It would work for displaying a solitaire on a chain, but not the necklaces I make. My "small" one is used sometimes, and I have a fabric covered form that I made myself that I like the best. At least the proportions are more realistic using that. However, it can be tricky to use as well, because there is no depth to it and the hanging length on the front is variable. I try to represent the length as it hangs on myself, and have a spot on the back to hook the necklace so that the lengths are consistent from photo to photo.

Let me know how you feel.
Is buying a piece worn by a model gross? Is it better because you can see it hang?

See you on Sunday!

PS earrings will NEVER be pre-worn. That IS gross, and against the law!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've been BUSY!

I've been so busy 'cause it's too hot to go outside. Everyday this week it was over 100* at 5pm. The humidity has been horrible. Thank goodness my new office has AC!

I've made a batch of Swirly Swarovski
® Earrings- simple sparkle for any outfit! These are not going to be OOAK, earrings just have limited design possibilities. However, they are available in a bunch of different Swarovski® crystal colors.

I've also beaded up some new pearl and Mother of Pearl necklac
es, and I'm brewing up a new bracelet design. I just got some new cupolini in great dyed colors, a bright coral pink necklace will be my first item made from that!

I was featured in two treasuries this week. etsyBEAD's Theme of the Week- "Good Morning Sunshine" had my knitted copper pendant with red agate necklace, featured top row center; and my new Candy Girl necklace was picked for a JET Treasury, again top row center!

Thanks for picking some of my new things to feature in the Treasury!

I'm off to take some new pictures! Have a SUPER week & check out my Etsy shop: