Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've cleaned up the messiest craft room EVER!

I've still got 3 boxes (medium sized) on the couch that need to be sorted, but I've worked almost all month sorting & throwing out stuff in my craft room.
It feels SO good to have the open space in here now. Taking out the coffee table freed up more floor space that I imagined, plus that flat surface is no longer beckoning to be piled up. My kids now bring toys in here to play in the floor space, which is fine, IF they remember to put the toys back away when they are done. (So far- that is rare.)

Hopefully the last 3 boxes will be sorted soon, I can move the Big A$$ cabinet to the other wall (its full of scrapbooking & rubber stamping & stationary & crayola type products) That is a project in itself which WILL be done in FEBRUARY. I PROMISE. Even empty, I don't think I can move it by myself.

Once the craft cabinet is moved, I'm getting rid of the sofa & buying a twin bed. A spare room needs a spare bed, right? I've already bought the cutest Hula Girl printed sheets that will look great with my floral comforter. So By MARCH I should be ready to buy new mattresses & bed! WHOO HOO!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it possible to learn to blow bubbles with gum when you've just lost both of your top front teeth?
Because I'm having a REALLY hard time trying to teach MC.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow- I’ve been busy, as I guess I should be used to. Being a single parent of two, and all. But, here is an update on some of the more fun/less mundane activities in my life.

I’ve been concentrating my creative time on yarn. More specifically on projects for the Harry Potter Knit-Crochet House Cup. HPKCHC.

I’ve turned in several assignments already, although the due date isn’t until the end of the month.

For my DADA assignment, we were to be Imperio’d by a fellow Housecupper.

So far I’ve made PDXWomans crochet Version of Which Witch. It is an adorable mini witch hat. I used Cadet Blue Lion Brand Wool, and embellished it with Pisgah’s PetalSpun, Art 2025, in the Teak colorway. This is the perfect color for BRONZE, and the shiny rayon really pops for the hat band.

This is my first successful attempt at felting crochet, the oversize SWS mitten sides being my first unsuccessful attempt.


For felting this, I used a small plastic bowl, some little acrylic pieces, meant to use in flower vases, and a few odd flat-backed marbles in really hot tap water. I let the kids take turns shaking the heck out of it. I took the sharp hook side of a strip of Velcro to help loosen some of the surface fibers. I tossed it in the dryer to finish it off.

For my Charms assignment, we were to practice our Expecto Patronum: Knitting or crocheting as a cure for seasonal depression. The one requirement for this assignment was that our project had to be made for OURSELF.

I made a cute little trio of owls, and have added them to my collection.

The Owlery for Charms homework

For my Care Of Magical Creatures Assignment, I made a rectangle granny rug, using Peaches & Creme Double worsted.

CoMC Rug

I love this thick 8-ply yarn. I used a single strand & a 10mm hook & this thing progressed at lightening speed. I think I’ll be making more like this—maybe even finally get to mom’s other bedside rug.

I'm still working on my Arithmancy project and my Herboligy. And I've also signed up for TWO O.W.L.s but more about those projects later.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year- New Projects

In the middle of all my real life obligations, I discovered that I do little for myself. I think this must be a reoccurring discovery, but hey, eventually it will stick.

To start the year off self-focused, I'm enrolled as a student in the Ravelry group Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup- HPKCHC, or just House Cup.

The term started January 1, 2009, and I've already signed up for Charms, Arithmacy, and an O.W.L.::Charms. I have ideas for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures. And Herbology is already underway. Except for the History of Magic class, I've got ideas for them all. I think that is a bit of overcommitment. You see, the House Cup isn't a normal school type of environment. The assignments are all yarn related. And although most classes,
O.W.L.s excluded, don't require large projects you only have the month to get your assignment made, photographed, & turned in.

So, in addition to the 2 classes & O.W.L. I've committed to, I'm also one of the school reporters. This is to help document the happenings of the group, and to add information to our blog. I spent almost 4 hours making a mock up of the Daily Profit called House Cup Press. The first issue was added to the blog yesterday, and lots of the other 140 students have requested the pdf. That made me feel good, but there wasn't any "real" info in it-- just house lists, and who the teachers will be-- stuff from the boards. But I thought it would be a fun way to start the term.

I'll be making some regular post to the blog before I do another HCPress, as I think I can gradually add to a document and compile a news sheet from that later on. I guess I can highlight house participation and people who have already completed assignments. There is supposed to be another School Reporter, (maybe 2) but I haven't heard from them to make out a plan.

So-- about my NEW current projects:
UFO Fridays-- on Fridays, I've committed to working on my Red & Purple & Orange Afghan, and I think I'm 1/2 way done now!!!!
Arithmacy: Christmas Stocking for ME
Charms: Something for ME-- I think a little stuffed Owl for my collection. Haven't started it.
OWLs ::Charms A Tunisian Blanket for Mom-- I've had the yarn a while-- this must be done with in 3 months. (This will earn Hufflepuff, my house, 200 points!)

I could keep listing things I'm working on-- but really, do I want to admit I'm in the middle of 11 different afghans? I don't think so. And the mittens? 3 different ones? (If I could figure out the thumb part I'd be good to go.) The All Shawl that has been waiting for a few rows of edging? All the little half finished dishcloths? Oh well, At least I have a reward for doing the Cup projects. Even if points are meaningless outside of that group. I think they are a bit more meaningful than the 500 points you'd earn for timing the jump to the flagpole just right at the end of Super Mario Bros.

Okay-- back to house work for me today!