Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sleety Weekend ruins week.

The title says it all. Friday night, about o'dark thirty, I woke up to hear that the sleet had started. No surprises- I knew it was coming. I'm not sure when it snowed, or how much/how long before the sleet started, but by morning, we had a nice solid ground-cover. And it kept sleeting through the morning.
MC ventured out at about 7:30 Saturday Morning- The kid who can barely roll out of bed fully dressed to catch the bus at 7:15 was up & dressed in appropriate layers in winter garb & ready to go out at 7:30! Its amazing what snow-like scenery can do!
Church was canceled, School called off on Monday. And Tuesday, with a 1 hour delay on Wednesday... And Tuesday, MC had to go to work with me- *that was so much fun.* Thank goodness my work environment allows it during bad weather. The little one went to a sitter- thank goodness.

SO, my dentist appointment for Monday was rescheduled for Tuesday, and then again for Wednesday... So I had that fun fun 2 hour dentist appointment & headed straight to work. Another fun day. Oh and yep, all of this also means I'm missing work at my office job-- and this just happens to be my last week there.

I'm still not sure if the boss is going to acknowledge the fact that on Monday, I'm showing up only to process payroll & my travel mileage check-- which I need to collect for NOVEMBER, DECEMBER & JANUARY... That will be about $150 bucks in my pocket-- if I'm guessing right! WHOO HOO! That will help out since my dentist visit yesterday cost me $2,264. Ouch that hurts worse than my teeth.

After that, I'm not sure I can afford to quit that job, except for the fact that I'm happier already without it, and my mental health is way more important than the stress of that job, plus he needs full time help, and I'm not willing to do that anymore.

And since it is February, I've been working on my budget-- checking reciepts from January & seeing where my money really went. And guess what? (More sucky stuff) I discovered that my payroll deposits from the new job are off by about $20 bucks each time-- That's $10 a week- which seems like not much- except that I'm working with a tight zero based budget & that $40 a month had somewhere it needed to be.
So now, I've got to confront my boss and find out WHY I'm getting 30 minute lunch breaks taken out of my 5 hour shifts. Yeah, I was expecting it on my 9:30-5 day- but that is only ONE DAY A WEEK. WHY whould I need a lunch break on a shift from 12:30-5:30? Because I've been busting my butt to get home from one job, eat lunch & change & make it to the other at 12:30... and then I high-tail it out of there to get my kids & get them home for dinner. So, um, yeah. I really don't need them to NOT PAY ME FOR 30 minutes when I'm WORKING. Really, if they want to take it out, I might as well not show up until 1:00 so I can have more time to eat at home. Plus, apparently, not that I'm paying attention, It looks like they have been doing this since I started working there in NOVEMBER. No wonder I'm walking the thin red line to a balanced budget.
Blargle. So when my boss, fixed the schedule to squeak me in a few more hours in the week, he actually did me a dis-service... OH and checking the employee handbook, it is stated that shifts are usually 8 or 8.5 hours and include a 30 minute unpaid lunch break-- but during training, we were told that that was for full-time & full shifts, that my half day shifts wouldn't have that time automatically deducted. So, I'm not sure what is going on. Other than the fact that I'm apparently being robbed.
This week sucks and I'll be celebrating Friday night after work because Other than paying myself, I won't have to deal with the office job anymore! Oh- but really, I'll still be stressing because I have no-one to babysit on Saturday, when I have to go to the job that I used to like, until I figured out that I'm getting shafted. Plus the residents have been moody & cranky and some downright mean & ~ oh the boss, yeah, he brought 2 parakeets into MY WORKSPACE & now I have to clean a dang birdcage & feed & water them. SO NOT COOL. I don't even have pets at home because I don't want the hassle of cleaning up after them . I don't even like birds- MAYBE if it was a cat, I'd be more sympathetic, but really. WTH?

And if you are still reading this- maybe you can be like the "nice" dental assistant that did my crowns on Wednesday, she said, "Wow, I thought I had it bad. Your life is so much worse than mine." Yep, she said it. So maybe your day will be a little brighter because you weren't in my shoes this week, and maybe all the crap you dealt with seems petty compared to the crap I dealt with.

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April and Vince said...

Sorry your week was so bad. In fact, sounds like it royally sucked. I hope that it gets better next week. ~V