Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy JUNE!

My network card got fried during a lightening storm several weeks ago. Everything else still works on the pc, just no internet connection. I need to get to Best Buy and see what is available. But I really need to get the oil changed in the car. That's been on hold since Thanksgiving, I think.

I've been doing more with the kids & the garden. I've loved having fresh picked Lettuce & Romain salads every day. But with the heat here, I may not be having it much longer. They suggest not even planting during these hot months, but I may buy a packet & try to do another round- its only a buck for the seeds, right? The zucchini is doing great, and the one squash plant that survived is still trying. I may try to add a few more squash plants this season-- just depends on me remembering to get the seeds out of the freezer.

That's all for now, my day is busy & already half over!