Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, I did several Liberating things This week-
1) Talked to boss & he is going to make notations on the payroll NOT to take out the 30 minute lunch breaks on my short days, AND I will get to take a lunch break on Tuesdays & Thursdays (my long days). He is going to work with the payroll department to correct the shifts where I got shafted! My new boss is awesome. Even if he did "give" me birds to tend.

2) I left the HPKCHC group. I joined that group right after the cut-off for signing up it's first term. There are some really awesome people in the group, but there are some issues that I have with the leadership of the group. Most of the people are great, but the creator of the group refuses to delegate certain task that would be much better handled by the staff, not her. I won't go into details, because I've aired my concerns to said person & got no reply-- I joined the leadership team & still got no reply-- I played the game until I just couldn't handle the irresponsible actions any more. This was a totally liberating thing to leave the group! I may not get as many projects finished this year, but hopefully my projects will continue to be things that I want to make, and not just things to earn points.

3) I threw out bunches of old papers and notes from the old office job.
I never had the chance to ride the bus on the last day of school, where it was tradition (at least in high school) to open your notebook & let the papers fly as you leave the school parking lot. I guess it was more students leaving in cars, because most of the ones on the buses got in trouble and had to pick up papers the next day.
But let me just say- the yucky job ball and chain is G O N E! I can't believe that my old boss hasn't even opened my resignination letter- it's been on his desk for 3 weeks. Yet, he will open all incomming mail that he thinks will be a check, the bills he just leaves sealed up on my desk. SO- On Monday, I'm going in to process my last paycheck... and then I'm out of there.

4) I found out today that one of the ladies in my Sunday School class has been knitting & is learning to spindle spin yarn, and I may just have to do that... as if I have time. BUT actually, I will have some time, since I currently don't have a job on Monday, or T/W/F mornings!
I need to get something official to do to earn money- so I can keep the kids in daycare/after school-- but I get 30 days to find that job... so if anyone needs some "consulting" work done or something I can do remotely from home-- let me know.

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