Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi World

Some days I just feel so totally overwhelmed.
Like today- started crappy, and with a 2-hour snow/sleet/black-ice delay.
But I struggled through the morning, and the sinus meds never really did kick in, but I made it. And then, the last 15 minutes of my work day-- one of the residents was so cheerful and talkative- and for some reason, when I left work I was smiling.
But then I had to pick up the kids & deal with all of the results from their terrible now I'm back to grumpy & irritable & short tempered. And I really don't want to mop the floor where the 4yo split milk, or wash & fold two loads of laundry... or even bother to call maintenance because the hall toilet is stopped up again.

So I apologize for a photo light blog of late- I haven't finished any projects or had any real fun moments to memorialize with photographic evidence. Life continues.

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