Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Happy V Day Everybody. (It seems weird calling it that-- after living in RI, where they still celebrate V-J Day-- it's an official holiday there. Banks are closed, schools closed, and workers are paid time & a half!)

Hope you did something special. Here at our house we ate homemade sugar cookies (heats with pink frosting) and 2 bite cupcakes (Duncan Hines + homemade butter cream) FOR BREAKFAST. And Lunch. And Snack... and we had leftover cookies for dinner. The cupcakes were gone by then!

I finally got a bunch of boxes into the attic that were practically blocking the hall! Woo WHOO!

I also picked up MC's girl scout cookie order. 161 boxes of cookies. It's a good thing I had my brother's car, cause his trunk can actually hold that many cookies with room to spare.

Tomorrow is a make-up school day for one of the days we missed for snow. But MC has an appointment in Raleigh, so we will be making a day trip of it... A little side trip to Target is in order. And maybe Sam's Club- if I can remember where it is. It's amazing that I have been able to live so long with out being near to a Target. Actually, I haven't lived with a Target closer than an hour in, um, well... since college? My new job does require work casual attire, and I think Target fits that bill better than Wal-mart. But if possible & IF MC doesn't kill me I may be able to get to Marshalls & Ross & Old Navy as well. Maybe. But Target is a definite stop.

SO tomorrow-- Happy Presidents Day!

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