Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tunisian Stash Buster Blanket Help!

Okay-- I was asked to spell out how I did my red-purple-orange tunisian stash buster blanket. So-- Here is my best attempt at outlining what I did-- hopefully the gist is transferred & you can develop your own lovely creation!

This afghan-blanket is made with a 19mm cabled tunisian crochet hook. Mine is a lovely Jenkins Woodworking Hook.

*Most color changes happen before starting the reverse pass (RP). This makes the horizontal colors slightly different than the vertical bars that encase it.
*For a few super bulky yarns, I used on the RP only.
*One yarn was itchy to me, so I only use it on the forward pass (FP) so it hardly itches at all when you are under it!

General Note on Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) structure: FP creates the vertical bars shown on the front of the afghan. RP makes the horizontal rows & is heavily seen on the back of the work.

My afghan is primarily red & purple, with touches of orange & yellow.
Here is a sampling of the yarns in my afghan. Please note, some yarns are used in multiple colors.

red afghan yarn samples

Top Row:
Mystery Super Bulky single ply (from LYS I lost tag)
Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn
Patons Rumor: two colors included: this orange/red (Hibiscus?) and a purple one (plum?)
Fanta: the red plied with a black/multi This is the one that ended up being itchy & used on FP only
SWS several colors used in blanket (3 or 4?)
Mystery RR Ribbon yarn (from LYS I lost the tag)
Trendsetter Finesse: the ribbon yarn with tuffs- Rusty Orange & yellow

Bottom Row:
Worsted Wool: Several different red wools, one variegated with purple (Russian?)
Purple Reclaimed sweater yarn
Angora Extra: orange, purple & dark purple
California Caramel: The slippery shiny red
Super Fine wool dark purple Reclaimed sweater yarn

Here is a scan of the first few rows: Starting chain is shown on the left side, work is shown sideways.


And here is how I mixed the yarns:

CO: Rumor
1: Rumor
RP: 2x Caramel + 1 Purple Sweater
2: same
RP: 1 Caramel + 1 Purple Sweater + 1 Orange Angora (- 1 caramel)
3: same
RP: 2 Purple Sweater + Orange Angora (- caramel)
4: Fanta only
RP: 2 Purple Sweater + 1 Dark Purple Angora
5: same
RP: 1 Purple Sweater + 1 Dark Purple Angora + 1 Caramel (- 1 purple sweater)
6: same
RP: 1 Orange Trendsetter + 1 Purple Sweater + 1 Caramel (- 1 Dark Purple Angora)
7: LB Ribbon only
RP: 1 Purple Sweater + 1 Caramel *only 2 b/c ribbon was so wide on vertical bars
8: 1 Orange Angora + 1 Purple Sweater + 1 Caramel * just added the orange
RP: Rumor only
9: Rumor only
RP: Orange Angora + 1 Purple Sweater + 1 red ww wool
10: same
RP: 1 Purple Sweater + 1 red ww wool + 2 SF dk purple (- Orange Angora)
11: Same
RP: 1 RR ribbon + 1 Purple Sweater + 2 SF dk purple (- 1 red ww wool)
12: Same
RP: 2 Purple Sweater + 1 RR ribbon (-+ 2 SF dk purple)
13: Fanta only
RP: 2 Purple Sweater + 1 yellow Trendsetter
14: 1 Caramel + 1 Purple Sweater + 1 yellow Trendsetter
RP: Super Bulky
15: Rumor
RP: 1 Purple Sweater + 1 caramel + ww red wool

Now, I tried to spread out my work to see if I needed a touch of a certain color or if it was too close to the last row—the novelty yarns are used less often because they are more noticeable—the purple sweater yarn and the caramel are the “staple” yarns throughout.

This is not an exact pattern to use, and has not been repeated through the rest of my afghan—I just kept changing one yarn at a time. I’ve left the tails on the ends, and when I get finished I will add more to fill out the fringe.

And lastly, an over-exposed scan where this is stretched to its most open state.
(Slightly more than normal)

over exposed scan

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