Monday, December 1, 2008

Long weekends put me SO far behind!

I really don't like long weekends.
Not only do I get behind at the office, but I also get behind on my housework. You see, when kids are home for an extended amount of time, they somehow forget how to do things for themselves. They forget that shoes & coats have a designated place. They forget that they must eat in the kitchen. They forget that lotion goes on hands, not into the carpet.
And long weekends = relaxing? Not for me. I ended up with WAY TOO MUCH STUFF ON MY TO-DO LIST. So much, that I didn't even post it here. I did type a list on my computer, but I never even got the chance to blog-- and that WAS on my list. I had some BIG things that I needed/wanted to do-- I never even had to chance to pre-plan doing them.
The only way I can remotly get things done is when the kiddos are either in school/daycare or they are away with my folks. And THEN, I end up resting/recuperating too much & STILL don't get my list done. I don't ever think I'll get a Win-Win situation out of long weekends.

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