Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We made it to the Mountains. I had to leave the office at 1:15 pick up the kids & we were on the road by 2:10. We made excellent time. I stopped for gas in N. Wilkesboro and then back on the road. It was cold & windy & the temps were dropping.

But we were a mere 30 minutes from our exit off of the highway & onto mountainous back roads. Then traffic S T O P S. We were in a stand still. (Fatal head-on- with 2 small kids involved.) After a little over two hours we were going again. But, remember I mentioned that the temperature was dropping? Well, during our wait, it sleeted a little, rained a little & got a L O T colder.

Meaning ice on the roads. Because the salt trucks couldn't treat the roads because of the stopped traffic. We slipped a little & the kids were nervous as the white 4 wheel drive SUV in front of us slipped & slid around. We were rolling at a mere 20-25 mph. And the kids were fussing about being trapped in a slow moving car. I kept reminding them to be thankful we were alive & to be considerate of my concentration while I was driving through less than idea conditions(aka -- be quite!)

So, a little over 3 hours after getting gas we were heading up the back "road" to the house. Imagine a dirt path, full of big rocks, natural springs that trickle over the way, and tree limbs. It was actually better than it had been in past years. I guess most of the people have been using that way up the mountain, as the state paved the steep way (regular way up) and the switchbacks are not possible to maneuver, even with chains and 4 wheel drive.

Oh. I also want to mention the wind we had up here after our adventurist drive. 110 mph gust. I didn't sleep a wink.
I'll be traveling home Saturday, to start the major clean-out/redesign of my house. The kids will be staying here.

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