Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cream Filled Chocolate Cake with Fudgie Frosting

Cream Filled Chocolate Cake with Fudgie Frosting

Last night I had to make a chocolate cake for my niece's 15th birthday.
She likes chocolate cake. Chocolate frosting.
I don't like chocolate cake. AND I still haven't discovered the perfect formula for a yummy chocolate buttercream.

I made the most yummy (looking- I can't taste it until tonight) chocolate cake, a rich & creamy pastry cream filling & tried a new chocolate frosting.
This chocolate frosting is fudgie & smooth. ♥ I LOVE IT! ♥ The formula makes a rather small batch- about 2 cups- but I think it will become a new staple for my recipe collection. It's right off the back of my cocoa powder-- I just can't believe how good it is. And a simple recipe too!

I topped the cake with a fine layer of grated milk chocolate, bordered the top with chocolate curls & chilled the cake overnight. This morning, I piped more chocolate to add "Happy Birthday!" I even remembered to take a photo- I'll add it soon- once I get the card downloaded.

{I've tried twice to upload the picture. All the way through the click "DONE" to add your picture & then it sends me back to the post but the photo isn't here. =( I'll keep trying. I wish I'd remembered to take the camera tonight, so you could have seen the thick layer of yummy pastry cream inside. It was almost as thick as the cake layers!}

PS- the cake WAS SOOOOOOOO yummy. One of the best chocolate cakes I've ever made. The fudgie frosting was thinner than I normally use on top of a cake, but it was SO rich. More would have been overkill.

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