Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WE now have internet at home!

And it's not dial-up!
I canceled our Dial-up just after making my November payment... And of course they offered me 2 months free, and then continue billing me---"Just in case." I figured if I kept it, I'd never get the cable guy out here to connect the high speed.
AND Guess WHAT? It took over a month without internet at home for me to finally get them here. oh that favorite holiday recipe that I couldn't find-- and couldn't check either. err. And how exactly do I Fdc? That scrap of paper is here *somewhere*... And mom needs to know what needles were recommended for the yarn I sent her... What? No Ravelry at home. HELLLLLP!

So, Thursday I called the cable company. Oh. Closed for New Years Eve.
So Friday I called. oooh. New Years Day. (I had to work, why doesn't every one else?)
Saturday, in the parking lot before his God-daughter's Baptism, my brother tries calling from his fancy-smancy new car (which won't reconginze his voice commands, but follows mine with no problem!) We get the automated voice mail system...
SO, Monday I get online & start the ordering process. First available appointment in the morning was for Friday (2 days from today.) So I call the local number-- the office is about 3 minutes from my doorstep. I get transferred to who knows where by THAT automated answerer... First available morning appointment was Today! gave them my info & now I'm skipping office work this morning to type this! From home. In my flannel pj's! Yea!

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