Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy Project Updates!

Snowy Project Updates!

Well, I've been on a snowflake kick-- and I managed to make a few for our tree before the Holidays. Also, I've been searching for some STAR patterns, verses just 6 point snowflakes.

In my various web searches, (or crawls as they were back with dial-up) I came across a wonderful blog where the author was a participant in a program called Snowflake Monday. The blog was Snowcatcher, Here on blogspot. Unfortunately, her amazing snowflake patterns & post stopped in October of 2009. Maybe she will be back, as I myself haven't been a loyal blogger this past Fall. Shoot, this past forever.
Oh wow- by blindly folloing a few links I wound back on Ravelry & to the Snowcatcher blog. Apparently she has been a better blogger than I & continued to post a new orginal snowflake pattern each Monday. ( I'm totally impressed.) I added her as a friend so I caould keep up with her new patterns, so hopefully she won't think I'm some physco stalker...

Oh- but back to the Star pattern...


I messed up a bit with the stitch placement- because well, I guess I just can't count AND crochet at the same time. (I really hate patterns where I need to count.)

This one hasn't been blocked yet, but is sorta the same pattern.

My star pre blocking

I like them. In fact, I'm planning on sending the pattern, some of my fingering weitght cotton (DUDE, I'm SO NOT a thread crocheter.) and a Clover Soft Touch 2.5mm hook. I "taught" her to crochet last summer by taking step by step photos for a pattern she wanted to make. I'm talking 78 photos for the first two rounds of a star shaped afghan. Every Step. But she made the blanket & it is a winner. More & Better than any of my afghans. I swear.
Oh. I'm sending it to her because she decorates her Holiday tree with stars. Sweet.


dinah34 said...

i love making crocheted snowflakes. love them.

Snowcatcher said...

You cracked me up! Stalk away!

In answer to your question, yes, all my patterns should be on Ravelry, although I'm not the one who does the behind-the-scenes stuff. I just provide the links and a couple of volunteers get everything filed in the right place.

Oh, and I'm still dial-up, too, so I got a real kick out of your story.