Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm very tired. Have been for months now... but now I think I've got my nights & days mixed up like a baby, or like how I was when I would switch from third shift to first when I was working in the bakery.
At night I'm tired & cranky & exhausted, but I can't sleep. Mornings are okay- but I've always been a morning person. But by 11:00 I'm dieing. My head is screaming, I feel dehydrated, and hungover. Those of you that know me will know that is a feeling, because I don't drink.

In fact, I bought a six pact of a special limited edition beer back in the fall. I bought it 1) because I was having beer drinking company and 2) for beer bread. The guest brought their own beer, knowing I don't drink. SO, here it is almost the middle of January & I still have 3 bottles in my fridge.. But a little pumpkin spiced beer bread will be good, even in April right? I hope so.

Tomorrow I am taking my bread machine into work for our "cooking" segment. My ideas are limited due to the fact that my cooking equipment available is a microwave & a Otis Spunkmire Cookie Oven. *REALLY*

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Nat said...

Dear Blogger,

I just posted a blog.

"Ham-sa" pronounced like "Hahhmm-sa (rhyme with Ah)"

It is to help relax your mind. Try repeating it to your self at night!