Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Thanksgiving Week, Already????


I just can't believe it.
So random updates--
1) We are NOT moving to the mountains- and I am NOT going to invest my life into the yarn store. The owner couldn't decide if she really wanted to sell or not. And I wasn't about to invest in the paperwork & funding issues any further when she started sounding iffy.
2) MC has started Daisy Girl Scouts & loves it. She is also in the Chess Club at school & likes that too.
3) PK is slightly regressing-- and has started eating everything- his favorite-- socks- even if he has to take them off his feet to do it. (TOTALLY GROSS) I've found our last passie & encourage him to chew that instead- but I HATE having a 3 yo with a passie.
4) Vince- the blanket is done & sitting on my shelf- all boxed and ready to go. I just need to get it from shelf to car & car to post office!
5) Malindi- Carrot Cake for Thanksgiving- your dad will pick it up tomorrow? or Wed am? I'm making it tonight.
6) HPKCHC Ornament Swap: I've got 2 little things done & the 3rd is drying! Love them!
7) Reducio: I have a Gryfindor partner, so I need to make a new mini sock. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow?
8) New job at Retirement Community is great. I really love it. I want to try to get "The Girls" to do wii Bowling... Then we'll be more adventurous to play with the gang in the other building.
I'm doing lots of crafts- and have ideas for the next few months-- but if you have ideas please let me know!
9) Still need to clean out the massive pile of toys in the play-room.
10) New (used) dryer to be delivered 12-5! Yippie.

and bonus #11) We will be getting high speed cable modem at home! (Hopefully this week!)

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