Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its 3 am and the phone rings...

so, I've been having problems sleeping through the night.
I keep waking up - usually around 1:30 or 2, but sometimes I make it until 3.
Sometimes the kids wake me up, sometimes a pinecone hitting the roof-- tonight it was someone calling the wrong number from a motel over an hour away. Of course I didn't know it was a wrong number, as I was DEAD asleep (yea!) and it was 3am.
Cause only emergancy calls arrive at 3am.
sheesh. now I am up & I want to sleep. Plus, I had a root canal yesterday & now I'm hungry & really don't want soup or cottage cheese at 4 in the morning. bugger. I gress I'm a bit grouchy with out sleep. I'll end my rant & try to find something soft to mush/eat & crawl back in bed for an hour.

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