Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WIP update

My WIPs are well- still there.
I've just about finished the chenille and green lap rug. It's mine, and I sit cross legged on the couch to watch TV. So I've decided that it doesn't need to be long. It's a weighty thing, so I'm now calling it a lap rug rather than a blanket of afghan....Also, It's so heavy that I think I'd feel crushed if it were to be wrapped around my shoulders....

♥ Amanda's bebe's-- need to tuck in the ends.
♥the pink and blue bebe's-- ditto
♥my lap rug-- need to bind off chenille & then-- tuck in ends.

not shown in last month's post
♥Yummy neutral in super-soft wool- about 1/2 done-- I'm switching colors so much in this one that-- GUESS WHAT- I'm doing a fringe- so no ends to worry about!!!!
♥bright candy color stitch sampler hotpad- 1 is DONE! and 2 is 1/3 done.
♥ MC's crazy blue/aqua/teal blanket-- about 1/3 done-- it has become a fun project- because at the end of each row, she gets to pick the yarn that comes next (from the yarns purchased for her-- not a total free-for-all in my yarn stash!)

Projects I REALLY want to start- but I'm determined to finish some up first:
○ My red and purple afghan for MY bedroom-- so I can get out my fancy pillows & look posh
○ An afghan made from reclaimed sweater yarn
○ the sweater jacket- (OH NO A PATTERN)in my yummy wools! but I need a smaller hook or pattern conversion
○ another afghan for Windalay-- My yummy wool is going to be perfect-- my vintage sofa has been reupholstered several years back- and is the best shade of tan.... So more for the mountains!

No pictures this time- but yea me for posting this much!

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