Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works in Progress: Crochet

Okay- here are a few things that I'm working on in my "spare-time."This sweet little baby blanket is for Amanda's bundle that is on the way. (Remember I made her wedding cake back in December?) I'm very proud of myself for getting it done early. However, it is still in my WIP pile because I have to weave in the thread tails. I HATE doing that. I'm SO good at procrastinating that it may be a 1st birthday instead of a new baby gift!
A close up of the thread structure of the Tunisian Stitch and this
GREAT card I bought from

Another baby blanket in progress. This is some destash yarn I was given & it is super soft. But when I worked the two strands together, whoa, too pink for my taste. The middle section is the baby ombre (blue & yellow too!) and a strand of ivory. The blue isn't quite that neon looking- but I think the color is off a bit in all of these photos.

And MY favorite (because it's for ME!!!)

This one is cotton chenille, usually 2 strands together, plus worsted cotton, and either one or two strands of this wonderful CinCin yarn I bought from She bought all of the yarn from a store that was closing! (OH MY!) She also makes handpainted/dyed yarns in her main shop called

I think the greens look great with my olive green (MC says it's brown) chair & sofa!

I have several other smaller projects that I'm in the middle of as well. I'll save those & maybe by my next update they will be finished instead of in progress!


Leah said...

I hate weaving in ends too....

Made By Tammy said...

Beautiful! Great Job!