Sunday, June 15, 2008

WIP update 6 15 08


♥ Amanda's bebe's-- DONE!!!! (mom sewed the ends in for me!) I packaged it up -- and as I was wrapping in tissue & ribbon- OH MY the card- and also the tissue- are in her wedding accent colors-- WOW- I'm all over that one!

♥ My Chenille lap rug-- DONE!!! There were only a few treads to tuck in-- I managed to do that AND I finished it off with over-sized tassels on the corners. LOVE IT (said in a Wheezie voice --from the Dragon Tails, of course!)

Still in progress:
♥ pastel baby blanket-- I think-- mom was working on the ends-- not sure if she got them done--
♥ my full length afghan in the Queensland Collection BigWave yummy wool & Pebbly tan wool & chenille-- I've done a few more rows--
♥ the candy color sampler-- I've moved that to the pc- waiting for pages to load project(the joy of dial-up) -- I did 2 rows today.
♥MC's blanket-- haven't gotten back to that one.

NEW & in Progress:
♥ Another beige & cream afghan-- not sure what else will end up in this one-- but I'm using a few different stitches so the texture will be different. But right now- I've only done 3 rows...

♥A full size (not lap size) afghan in REDs & Purples & touches of orange & pink--
This includes the 2 shades of purple reclaimed sweater yarn -
from a Casual Corner sweater and from an Old Navy sweater (but in reality the Old Navy one is darker than those pictures-- which is exactly PERFECT for my blanket! ) I ♥ KNITTINGnetty!
Two of the red yarns are from (and if you look- that is one of my yarns in her banner!) These two reds: California Yarns, Carmel and Facination Fanta
Yarn included from my local yarn store -- some Rowan red wool, orange and purple (different balls) wool from Italy, some novelty ribbon yarns & a crazy bulky pink/purple/orange wool from the sale bin. Oh- and last night I used some cotton embroidery floss in the mix as well.

I've gotten LOADS of amazing complements on this one-- during the Sit & Stitch at my local yarn shop, from the worker guys having lunch at the local hot dog grill (outdoors dining- in the shade with fans- amazingly cool in this 100* weather) at the library-- HEY-- EVERYDAY is Knit-In-Public-Day for me-- except- I've not been knitting, exactly.

Anyway-- I've used up all of my yarn time for tonight by writing all of this up-- and getting sidetracked by more yarn listings on Etsy-- so I'm off to bed.

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