Monday, June 16, 2008


MY- Lap Rug-- see the big ol' tassels!

So far on the Red & Purple Afghan

--- C&P from a previous post-- since most people won't scroll down for the details!---
A full size (not lap size) afghan in REDs & Purples & touches of orange & pink--
This includes the 2 shades of purple reclaimed sweater yarn -
from a Casual Corner sweater and from an Old Navy sweater (but in reality the Old Navy one is darker than those pictures-- which is exactly PERFECT for my blanket! )
I ♥ KNITTINGnetty!
Two of the red yarns are from (and if you look- that is one of my yarns in her banner!) These two reds: California Yarns, Carmel and Facination Fanta
Yarn included from my local yarn store -- some Rowan red wool, orange and purple (different balls) wool from Italy, some novelty ribbon yarns & a crazy bulky pink/purple/orange wool from the sale bin. Oh- and last night I used some cotton embroidery floss in the mix as well.

I've gotten LOADS of amazing complements on this one-- during the Sit & Stitch at my local yarn shop, from the worker guys having lunch at the local hot dog grill (outdoors dining- in the shade with fans- amazingly cool in this 100* weather) at the library-- HEY-- EVERYDAY is Knit-In-Public-Day for me-- except- I've not been knitting, exactly.

A closer view-- ( I wish I could photoshop this-to point out which yarns came from where!)

I have some pictures of the yummy wool-- but can't get them to upload right now....

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Jeweled Blossoms said...

Fish! Those are totally gorgeous! :) Didn't know you made things like that!