Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bummer Deal

Okay I've finished the mittens & after wearing then for the first time today, I'm really not thrilled about the fit of these mittens.
The thumb is too short & because the way the thumb gusset is, it makes it feel like they are falling off all the time. As well, when I was driving, they felt one round too short in both the thumb AND the fingers. The thumb gusset starts near my thumb knuckle, and not at the base of the thumb. Bummer. I know I won't wear these much the way they are, but I also loath the idea of undoing all of the hiding of ends that I finally did.

Also, the wind whips through the dc stitches- but I knew that was going to happen.

(insert photo here)

So as excited as I was to make these mittens- here are adjustments that I need to make:
1: move owl up towards fingers
2: start thumb round a row sooner
3: add one round to finger section to accommodate my long fingers.
4: add one round to thumb
5: lengthen cuff
6: possible use ribbed cuff? or ruffles in contrasting color.

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