Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow- I’ve been busy, as I guess I should be used to. Being a single parent of two, and all. But, here is an update on some of the more fun/less mundane activities in my life.

I’ve been concentrating my creative time on yarn. More specifically on projects for the Harry Potter Knit-Crochet House Cup. HPKCHC.

I’ve turned in several assignments already, although the due date isn’t until the end of the month.

For my DADA assignment, we were to be Imperio’d by a fellow Housecupper.

So far I’ve made PDXWomans crochet Version of Which Witch. It is an adorable mini witch hat. I used Cadet Blue Lion Brand Wool, and embellished it with Pisgah’s PetalSpun, Art 2025, in the Teak colorway. This is the perfect color for BRONZE, and the shiny rayon really pops for the hat band.

This is my first successful attempt at felting crochet, the oversize SWS mitten sides being my first unsuccessful attempt.


For felting this, I used a small plastic bowl, some little acrylic pieces, meant to use in flower vases, and a few odd flat-backed marbles in really hot tap water. I let the kids take turns shaking the heck out of it. I took the sharp hook side of a strip of Velcro to help loosen some of the surface fibers. I tossed it in the dryer to finish it off.

For my Charms assignment, we were to practice our Expecto Patronum: Knitting or crocheting as a cure for seasonal depression. The one requirement for this assignment was that our project had to be made for OURSELF.

I made a cute little trio of owls, and have added them to my collection.

The Owlery for Charms homework

For my Care Of Magical Creatures Assignment, I made a rectangle granny rug, using Peaches & Creme Double worsted.

CoMC Rug

I love this thick 8-ply yarn. I used a single strand & a 10mm hook & this thing progressed at lightening speed. I think I’ll be making more like this—maybe even finally get to mom’s other bedside rug.

I'm still working on my Arithmancy project and my Herboligy. And I've also signed up for TWO O.W.L.s but more about those projects later.


Smartcinderella said...

Love your HPKCHC projects so far, especially the witch hat. Adorable!

dinah34 said...

i really LOVE your owls. they are gorgeous. especially the one on the left!