Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've cleaned up the messiest craft room EVER!

I've still got 3 boxes (medium sized) on the couch that need to be sorted, but I've worked almost all month sorting & throwing out stuff in my craft room.
It feels SO good to have the open space in here now. Taking out the coffee table freed up more floor space that I imagined, plus that flat surface is no longer beckoning to be piled up. My kids now bring toys in here to play in the floor space, which is fine, IF they remember to put the toys back away when they are done. (So far- that is rare.)

Hopefully the last 3 boxes will be sorted soon, I can move the Big A$$ cabinet to the other wall (its full of scrapbooking & rubber stamping & stationary & crayola type products) That is a project in itself which WILL be done in FEBRUARY. I PROMISE. Even empty, I don't think I can move it by myself.

Once the craft cabinet is moved, I'm getting rid of the sofa & buying a twin bed. A spare room needs a spare bed, right? I've already bought the cutest Hula Girl printed sheets that will look great with my floral comforter. So By MARCH I should be ready to buy new mattresses & bed! WHOO HOO!

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