Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Mittens In Progress!

This is the same pattern I tried to make mittens from several months ago, when I decided I needed to focus on my tunisian afghans, because counting stitches and following a pattern was a horrible undertaking.
However, I am almost done with my All Shawl, and I did finish Horse Girl's All Shawl. And I finished the ski hat with the yummy multi colored Jojoland Rhythm wool.

So, Yesterday, I decided to try the mittens again. This time- I chose Patons SWS, in a funky pink colorway called Natural Geranium. Remembering that I've used SWS in the orange, red, purple tunisian afghan I started last winter (where I thought the yarn was a bit splity) I was a bit hesitant.

You see, SWS is a single ply yarn, 70% wool, 30% soy. Oh yes, Soy Wool Stripes. But there is another Patons SWS, Soy Wool Solids. Same look, same fiber content. Just one SWS is multi colored & one is a solid. You will be able to tell the difference in the store, don't worry!

I did the starting chain with my 6.5mm hook, 'cause I chain too tight & that was the only alternative hook available (read: the one I keep at the office!) Then I switched to my 4mm Clover soft-touch hook.
clover hook
Now, I don't know if the combination of the clover hook and SWS made the difference, or if it is the increased attention I was able to pay to the project, or if it is just tangible proof that my crochet skills are improving, but I got one side of the mitten finished-- The SAME DAY I started it!

And as an added bonus, I only ended up one stitch off in my counts! Well, One stitch on each side, but I was able to keep track & get my increases and stitch changes in the right spot each pass, so I'm okay with that.
On the down side, I made the Large size, which was listed as (8-9) while the Small size was listed as (6-7). But the photo shows a young girl- teenager maybe? and the mittens looked tight. Now, I'm a fan of mittens, and I like to be able to ball my fingers up together inside my mittens, I figured I should make the Large size. So, I don't think the numbers show well here, (scanner + metal ruler= not a good idea!) but these are 10 inches top to bottom.
But another bonus, SWS FELTS. I just hope the thump space is going to be wide enough after felting, because it looks like it's gonna be a tight fit at the size it is now. Plenty of room in the length for felting, but kinda skinny. So if anyone has any experience felting mittens (crochet felting experience is extra appreciated) please let me know if I should add to the thumb width before I felt.
mitten scan 1

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