Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18 To Do List

From 11/17
1) explore google spreadsheet capabilities for sharing.
2) JETs blog roll in/on google
3) make stitch markers that I've committed on Ravelry.
4) Pay Phonebill

5) Return Library books
6) Drop off recyclables
7) Mail off RAKs
8) update blog
9) update project status

10) Finish side 2 of mitten (only thumb left!)

SO-- Now for Today's List:
1) return Library books
2) Finish side 2 of mitten (only thumb left)
3) Mail more swap packages (FOUR to mail today!)
4) mail pattern to Mom & Marie
5) buy batteries for scale (& bread & wetwipes & diapers)
6) Dishes
7) Photos for school collage
8) Take out Trash
9) Laundry (ugh)
10) work stuff

Oh- I'd like to draw your attention to the new photo in the sidebar. Dad took the photo on his porch, daybreak 6:02 am October, 7 1007. I love the hangnail moon. The photo is totally UNTOUCHED- no cropping, color adjusting- just exactly how it came off the camera card. Breathtaking.

Day Break on Knob Hill

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