Monday, February 9, 2009

My Patronus, Pretending to be a Scarf

My Portuguese Man Of War Patronus Neck-Scarf Thing

scarf on Lula

I used the free pattern I found through Ravelry.
Could it Be Any Easier? Neck Cozy by karendeane
I really like the look of the sample scarf, but I knew mine would be different. First off, I used an 8mm hook, instead of the 6.5mm & 6mm called for. I used 1 strand of bulky acrylic boucle yarn, which really isn't bulky, just uneven. The pattern calls for 2 strands of Bulky Alpaca Wool.
They suggest 2 buttons; I had the perfect button, which was really a pendant that a friend brought back from a trip to the Amazon. (Hi Bibb!) I had to tear out about 20 chains when I started so this thing wouldnt meet below my navel. I had to tweak the stitch placement to achieve the fabric qualities I wanted. Oh. AND, I had to add tentacles. But only to one end, because the Man of War is sorta asymmetrical like that.

Now, this appears to be quite dense and solid, but actually it is light weight yet cosy.
I actually remembered to photographically document some of my pattern changes & I'll try to show that with the following photos.

The working fabric stretched to show stitches:
Hook is through Chain Space, as indicated in pattern:
2nd Hook showing placement of next Chain Space:
White Hook added shows placement of my stitches BETWEEN the 'V' of the sc:
Work this space front to back:

Continue the pattern of sc into 'V' space as shown here, and chaining, as indicated by the pattern.

In about a dozen rows, you will have your very own scarf/neck wrap thing.

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dinah34 said...

very cool! i love how it's almost assymetrical.