Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have wizarding neighbors.

HA- I KNEW it!
I’ve suspected it since we moved here, but now I have proof. I have a whole slew of wizarding families living next door. But, since I’m a part time muggle, I can’t see their houses. MY house is number 852. My next door neighbor’s house is number 890. So there are several houses that should be in between us. I can’t see them but I have proof.

You see I found this by chance having to make a run out to the car after dark. Because of the full moon, I caught a glimpse of some sparkly blue in my ivy. I ran back inside & grabbed the camera. I didn’t think about the flash, so the first shot– Well you see.


Then I popped the flash & CAUGHT proof on film. Well, digital media card, but same difference. I tried to get a second shot, but the flash must have sent him(?) scrambling, as I might have blinded it.

Care of Majical Creatures Homework

If you are a muggle and aren’t sure what I’m so excited about– let me explain. I have photographic proof of a garden gnome. These creatures usually only reside in wizarding yards & gardens. But I think this one has taken up residence in my front yard. I’ve noticed the strange hole in the ivy around the tree, and now I know why. I’ll try to explore it further in daylight.

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