Monday, August 4, 2008

Yarny weekend

My niece came over Friday night to bead. We are planning to have a table at her school's Fall Fest. But, instead of beading, I was working on my Peaches & Creme Mardi Gras Market bag. My niece, M, decided she wanted to try making a bag with my KniftyKnitter. She was up much later than I, and I figured she'd be almost done when I woke up Saturday. Yup.
I suggested she add a few more rows & then I'd crochet the handles & edging.
It looks great. I hope to add some pictures tonight. The colors created a swirl pattern, but it almost looks like stripes- looks good though & seems to be exactly what she had in mind.
I'm about half through the handles, but need her to verify the desired strap length.

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