Friday, August 8, 2008

Granny Square Hobo Bag

Granny Square Hobo Bag
Plan designed by Fish on the Wall, 2008.

Just a quick "pattern" share for my friends.

It's not so much a pattern, but more of a plan.

For this project, crochet 17 granny squares using the pattern & yarn of your choice.
Layout your squares following the diagram. (The colors are to help show the pattern, not really to indicate the color placement for your project, although you can.)

For assembling, I formed a row of 5 squares, two rows of 4, and two rows of 2. Then I slipped stitched them together, off setting the rows as shown.

The 3 blue squares will be the bottom.
The 4 red squares are the top and the "S" indicates where to attach the straps.

The triple curves show where to attach the bottom squares to the next section to form the sides. Once the sides are started, you may decide to stitch up a bit more, just depending on how OPEN you want the top.

I cannot post actual photos of this bag at this time, since it is a surprise gift for someone.

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Cora said...

Wow, way to cool. Once I have gotten Inga's Haekelbeutel with skulls finished I am going to do the same squares in this design.