Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm SO Happy!

Okay- so I 'm ecstatic over something REALLY small.
Like the size of a mini m&m. Looks like a red one too.
I'm talking about a Sutafed. I found a REAL one.
Ya know, the ones you can't buy at the market anymore.
The ones with REAL psudafedrine (or however you spell it.)
The ones that actually help stop the runny drippy faucet that used to be my nose.
And, I'm SO happy. I can't wait for it to kick in.

I have two more of these precious babies locked up in my medicine box. I'm hoping that I can find some more I've stashed up high & out of reach as I clean house today-- since I'm too icky to go to church.

1 comment:

Trinket Tree said...

Hi I hope you are feeling better today after your tablets kicked in, I know how you feel I am siting with my heating on pluss scarf & gloves I just can not get a heat in me at all :( I Feel terible !
Your poor peanut plant looks real bad.