Friday, January 25, 2008

JET Treasure Hunt!

The Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET) is having a treasure hunt!

Here is the official information:
***** Welcome to the official JET Treasure Hunt thread!! *****

Buyers and sellers are welcome to play. Bring your friends!

HOW TO PLAY: Included in this post is a list of participating shops. There is one "treasure" hidden in the listings of each participating shop. Search through the listings of each shops to find the treasure. Keep track of the shop names and URLs where the treasures are located. Convo lushbeads with your answers. The winner will be the one who finds all of the treasures!!

You have 2 days to hunt - from 12:01AM EST Fri January 25th to 11:59PM EST Sat January 26th. Make sure to convo your answers before 11:59PM on Saturday!!

PRIZES: There will be prizes! Out of everyone who finds all the treasures, we will randomly pick 5 names and each person will win a fabulous handmade jewelry prize. A sneak peek at the prizes:
Here's what your treasure looks like:

Look high and look low...some folks may have been sneaky with their treasures!

PARTICIPATING SHOPS - remember, each shop has one treasure hidden in its listings!

I've got the graphic in my shop! So go to & seek your treasure!

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