Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Over-scheduled week-- Beach trip on Friday

Yep- This past week has been scheduled to the gills. and to top off my week, I'll be heading to the beach tomorrow.

Relaxing? Nope. I'll be riding a bus for three hours to the beach for a picnic, look at the ocean for a few minutes & drive back. Hopefully I can get out of driving & just crochet the whole trip. I wish I had an mp3 full of Harry Potter. Ours got stepped on/rolled over/abused so its just an extra cord to tangle in the wheels of my desk chair. =( Plus, I'm not sure how appropriate it would be to crochet AND wear headphones when I'm being paid to spend time with these people.

Next week, I'm not planning ANYTHING extra, if I can help it.

Oh. and does anyone know a good sitter? I need one for Saturday. Cause I have to work with these same people I'm taking to the beach tomorrow. Which reminds me, I need to confirm with the sitter for tomorrow afternoon-- just in case we don't get back from the beach in time for me to pick up my kids.

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April and Vince said...

Enjoy a glimpse of the ocean for me. I haven't been to a real beach since the last time I saw you. Sure, we have Lake Michigan, but it's just not the same.