Thursday, October 16, 2008

Current WIPs

WIPs? You ask. That is short for Work In Progress. And for me, there are about a dozen yarn projects in the works.

I seem to find starting new projects very rewarding. Finishing them--- well, not so much.
But I did finally finish TWO dishcloths that were only waiting for the seam to be stitched together.
I present: 1 Halloween Festive Dishcloth & 1 Ugly Christmas Ombre Cloth.

orange and black finished christmas round finished

I did finish my **KNIT** market bag & have been using it as much as I can. MC took it on a camping trip & was able to cram sleeping bag, pillow & clothes in it! I've also used it to tote food & tea jugs to Church for Alpha dinners & get loads of complements. here it is before the handle was added. (note the cool swirl action! & Yes the flip-flop pony holder is attached-- Don't ask!)


Strawberry Shortcake & other stuffed pets & pals have a new hang-out. An oversized toy hammock that I made all by myself. This sucker is HUGE-- Just so you know, Strawberry Shortcake is over 3 Feet tall.


I'm also working on several blankets, more take-a-long dishcloths, an acorn bag, an All Shawl, A cotton tank, and some other random things. Most are logged into Ravelry. You can click over there & check it out IF you are a member. I ♥ Ravelry.

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