Saturday, November 3, 2007

I took the BIG Leap

I ordered the "right" wire.
Silver Wire that is.
20 Gauge HH Sterling Silver to make my own earwires.
24 Gauge HH Fine Silver to make my own headpins.

I did it Friday, So I'm not sure if it went out in the afternoon, or will be shipped on Monday- but it will be here soon!

See, my favorite earwire shape doesn't come in Sterling Silver...

So, of course I couldn't wait for the new stuff, and HAD to try it out with the Sterling wire that I have for knitting. The gauge is all wrong- way too fine & too soft, but I tried it anyway. Hammered the earwires with some help from LittleMan. I love the way they look. And I fired up some silver wire for the
ball-end headpins. WHAT FUN!!! Now, I really cant wait to get the "right" wire!! I think I'm addicted already! So, here is what I whipped up. After a bit of practice, some handmade earwires will be showing up as jewelry in my Etsy store.
<- LittleMan with the hammer.
The Hammered Swirls

Bronze Pearls On Swirls with homemade headpins!

Have a super day!


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