Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10-31-07 The Day from Hell.

A few personal notes-- This is ALL TRUE. This is how my day went...

Woke up to a 60* house, the heat didn't come on.
Little man spilled almost a whole gallon of milk on the kitchen floor (I mopped last night).
Forgot that the daycare needed diapers and snack today- stopped at store on the way to work.
Forgot ATM card.
Bought diapers, cookies & candy bar (hey, I was having a bad day.)
Got to work 20 minutes late.
Settled in at my desk, get a few things done and reach for the chocolate.
Open chocolate bar.
ROACH runs out of foil. (SERIOUSLY)
Get an email that a (distant) family member is in hospital and not doing well.
Call the boss & tell him I need to leave early to go to hospital.
Get to the hospital, find the room, Betty passed about an hour prior.
Then, on the way to pick up MC from school, a box truck slams on breaks, fishtails & I run just off the side of the road & blow a tire.
Drive VERY SLOWLY the three blocks home (yes, that part was good)
Unload the trunk (which is full of Christmas presents and groceries that I WAS hiding from the kids)
Get out the spare & jack.
There is NOT a lugnut wrench.
None of the neighbors are home...
Finally, a neighbor comes home & lends me a wrench, but seems worried that I shouldn't be trusted with it.
I change the tire & get black tire grime all over my favorite white t and favorite jeans.

SO, that was my day today. How was yours?

Moral of the story: Dad was right. Thanks for making me learn to change a tire before I was allowed to get my license. The other thing- whenever you buy a new car, buy a set of jumper-cables and put them in the trunk. (But that wasn't needed today.)

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